Gram Bahar | Patali Gur (Date Palm Jaggery) | Authentic Taste of Nature
100% NaturalPatali Gur (Date Palm Jaggery) | 1 Pack (600 g)

Patali Gur (Date Palm Jaggery)

Authentic Taste of Bengal

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Patali Gur ( Date Palm Jaggery) - Discover pure, Patali Gur – a Bengal delicacy with rich, natural sweetness. Perfect for culinary delights. Unleash authentic flavour! This container contains 600grams of Gur Inside. Product can be kept for 6 months in cold places.
200+ Farmers are directly benifited
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Product Description

Indulge in the pure and natural goodness of Patali Gur, also known as Date Palm Jaggery. Sourced from the lush villages of Bengal, this premium jaggery block is a testament to authenticity, being entirely free from chemicals or additives. The result is a delightful culinary experience, capturing the true essence of Bengal.


Pure and natural: Patali Gur is carefully crafted without the use of any chemicals or additives, ensuring a pure and natural product.
- Rich, Caramel-like Flavor: Known for its rich and complex flavor profile, Patali Gur adds a delightful caramel-like sweetness to your dishes.
- Versatile Sweetener: This premium jaggery is a versatile sweetener suitable for a wide range of culinary applications, both traditional and modern.
- Ideal for Various Dishes: Elevate your culinary creations with Patali Gur, perfect for desserts, beverages, and savory dishes.
- Culinary Enhancement: Add depth and natural sweetness to your recipes, enhancing the overall taste and quality of your dishes.
- Ethically Sourced: Sourced from the villages of Bengal, each block of Patali Gur represents the hard work and dedication of over 200 farmers striving to maintain the highest quality standards.

Package Details

- Weight: 600 grams of premium Gur (jaggery) 1 Pack
- Love from Farmers: Each package comes with lots of love from the hearts of 200+ farmers who work tirelessly day and night to ensure the quality of the product remains consistently high.

Usage Recommendations:

Desserts: Perfect for sweetening desserts such as cakes, cookies, and traditional Bengali sweets.
- Beverages: Enhance your beverages, including tea, coffee, and specialty drinks, with the unique sweetness of Patali Gur.
- Savory Dishes: Experiment with Patali Gur in savory dishes to add a touch of sweetness and depth to your culinary creations.

Experience the Essence of Bengal with Every Bite!
Make Patali Gur a staple in your pantry and embark on a culinary journey that reflects the true flavors of Bengal.

Our User Reviews

  • I

    Indrani shil

    Reviewed on 17/02/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Gur ta khub tasty Chilo but gur payase debar somoy ami oto dhayan deyi nayi pore dekhlam gure poka Chilo Ekta khub ghena Laglo Dekhe gure first time poka dekhlm plz packing korar somay etu dhayan deye korun...anek Koster taka ..poka jono 3 star dilam nale gur ta khub tasty

  • T


    Reviewed on 08/02/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Good product, 90 % pure ,

  • R

    Ruma Ganguly

    Reviewed on 05/02/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent taste

  • A


    Reviewed on 02/02/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Good product

  • N


    Reviewed on 28/01/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Just received the order the authenticity is phenomenal and such a beautiful parcel neat clean easy to store and overall the experience is amazing. Thank you for giving us this massive chance to experience our roots again. In this age when we urbanites miss the chance for such flavours and go arround rooting for the good grade thank you Grambahar for this grade good product.

  • A

    Arpan Maity

    Reviewed on 20/01/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Gram Bahar molasses Very nice to eat and tasty. Thank you so much for sending it in such beautiful packaging. I would definitely tell anyone who wants to take this to give it a try.. My family and all my loved ones like it very much

  • D

    Dinesh thakur

    Reviewed on 19/01/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Real test, keep it up

  • S


    Reviewed on 17/01/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Ami niyechi.. pratham bar khub sundar.. ami mistio baniechi

  • G

    Gopa Ghosh

    Reviewed on 17/01/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Khub khub bhalo test,pure

  • N

    Nivedita Ashe

    Reviewed on 16/01/2024

    Verified Purchase

    Authentic taste. Good one. Must try